M.A Sultan
The beginning of philosophy, the beginning of meaning.

Self Introduction

Nothing makes sense without context. I am a student, philosopher and a Muslim living in Spain. This blog is my motivation to write meaningful things. Philosophy, religion, activism and computing are the topics I would mostly write about but anything else which I find important or interesting will also be wrote upon.


This is going to be my “hello world” type post. I have today finally left behind all the worthless shills and decided to write this meaningful blog. It was hard to leave all the time wasters at first, mostly just stupid multiplayer addictive video games for me among other things, which to me felt like very relaxing but the fact of the matter was that they resembled Plato’s cave. With some help today is the day I will be beginning my journey on discovering meaningful things, and by meaningful I mean anything connected to what I understand as the purpose of life, and writing about them here.
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The writing of a man is the symbol of his intellect and the evidence of his merit.